Deployment. No problem.

Acrobat DC has some great new features and enables customers to choose between perpetual and subscription licenses. Use these references to ensure a smooth deployment, no matter which type you choose.

What you need to know

As an IT manager, you are probably concerned about the deployment of any software you purchase for your organization. Below are two deployment decks that walk you through the Acrobat DC deployment process step by step for both the perpetual and the VIP subscription installation.

A new requirement for all deployments of Acrobat DC is a sign-in. To avoid sign-in, use the Acrobat Customization Wizard DC and turn the sign-in feature off. The handy Customization Wizard enables you to customize or turn off services as well as deploy other custom settings for Acrobat.

In the following video Steve Cordero, Acrobat support engineer, conducts a deep dive into the Acrobat Customization Wizard DC for Windows.


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